What are Railtrails? Rail trails are shared-use paths recycled from abandoned railway corridors. They can be used for walking, cycling and horse riding.

Who are RailTrails Australia? Rail trails Australia is a national not-for profit organisation which promotes the preservation of old rail corridors for alternative public uses such as cycling, horse riding and bush walking. They liaise with other groups to promote the rail trail concept. They publish a quarterly newsletter, books, brochures and maps.

Where are the rail trails? At present there are approximately 1437kms of rail trails throughout Australia, with a further 4837kms planned for development.  These trails are most prolific in Victoria and Western Australia although there are plenty for development across the country.

How can you help? Horse riding is currently under-represented in Rail Trail projects.  Any assistance horse riders can give will be gratefully received - especially in the area of trail development/consultation. 

Representation on the Committee would be great if someone wishes to take this on. 

Alternatively, membership of Railtrails Australia is cheap and will help the development of these great trails.  Membership is only $24.20 per annum and you receive a quarterly newsletter.  Visit their site at www.railtrails.org.au to join.

Meetings The Railtrails Australia committee meets in Melbourne on the last Wednesday of each month. The meeting starts at 7.30pm. Members and any others interested are welcome to come along. Meetings are held in Hawthorn. If you would like to attend a meeting please phone us on (03) 9306 4846 to confirm details.

Contact If you have anything to offer please contact Railtrails Australia by email

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