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have horse ... will travel is a bring your own horse site designed to provide information to all equine enthusiasts who wish to travel and/or holiday with their horse in Australia.

All properties listed have BYO horse facilities (unless otherwise stated).

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It identifies where you can stay, either short term (overnight/just travelling through) or longer term (for a well earned break) with your faithful steed.

It includes comprehensive information on 

  • accommodation
  • agistment
  • trails
  • transport

(and will be evolving and expanding constantly):

This is a site created by horse enthusiasts for horse enthusiasts so please feel free to give your feedback to help the site develop.

If you are aware of somewhere you can bring your own horse while on holidays or travelling (that isn't listed) - please let us know.

Were you looking for information you couldn't find?  Contact us - we may be able to help you.

So, next time you plan to go travelling with your horse, visit our site for the latest information!

Why not make OUR home page YOUR home page - apart from access to the valuable information we are providing you, you have easy links via our "Useful Resources" to the most commonly used search engine, directories, weather, time zones etc. 

A website dedicated to 'Bring Your Own Horse' travel in Australia

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